Cats can be wonderful companions. They’re great because they’re able to take care of themselves mostly. You should go over the following article to find out how you can adopt a new cat and properly take care of it.

Keep your drape cords out of your cats reach. Whenever cats jump on these cords, they might get tangled up in them. This could hurt or kill them. Keep your drape cords pinned out of sight to prevent this.

TIP! Don’t give a cat a dog’s product. Cats will react very negatively to any products intended for dogs.

Regular vet checkups for your cat are very important. Your vet can give you an idea of your cat’s overall health, in addition to administering any shots it may need. Try to stay with the same veterinarian throughout your pet’s life. This way they will know your cat’s history the best.

Dog Products

Do not use dog products on your cat. Cats often have negative reactions to dog products. This happens a lot with flea products. Products used for flea prevention in dogs can be very harmful to your cat. After your dog receives a flea treatment, keep your cat away for at least a few hours.

TIP! Do not allow your cat to get an electrical shock. Spray them with bitter apple, and they will stay away.

You have to place a litter box correctly. Do not place it in a busy area or close to where your cat eats meals. Also, minimize the smell by making sure it is a well ventilated area. This will make you and your cat happy.

Your cat can take lots of time to groom themselves to what they consider “perfect.” Hairballs are very common for long-haired cats. There are special foods you can buy to try to help with this particular problem. They help the hair pass through by breaking it down.

Use quality food to prevent crystals from forming in a cat’s urine. These crystals can cause a lot of pain to your cat and could end up costing you a lot in medical expenses. Keep your cat’s diet low in levels of magnesium. Read the ingredient list on the label. Fish products can have more magnesium when compared to poultry.

TIP! Remember that very young children can be a bit too rough with a cat or new kitten. You need to show your children how the cat should be treated.

Be considerate of your cat’s preferences while traveling. You cat is used to being at home and it might shock him to hear you singing at the top of your lungs. Turn down the music and let the cat rest.

There needs to be set boundaries with your children and a new kitty. Make sure everyone understands which parts of the house the cat is not allowed in. If the cat is to be indoors, tell your children not to allow him outside. Knowing the rules ahead will help your child understand.

Unlike most humans, cats love heights. Your cat will appreciate being on top of a cupboard, fridge or anywhere they can surrey their environment. If a cat tree is not your style, clear off a sturdy shelf that he can jump up on. Putting a soft cat bed on the shelf can help to add a little comfort.

TIP! If you get a small kitten for your children, make sure they understand the rules ahead of time. Let your children know what rooms you will allow the cat to go into.

Is your pet’s scratching post starting to look beat up? Don’t toss it out! It’s in this condition that cats tend to love it the most. Tossing it and getting a new one may cause your cat to find something old to scratch like your furniture.

Have your cat vaccinated as often as your vet prescribes. Cats need to have vaccines and check-ups just like children. This can help to prevent diseases. You love your cat, so take the best care of him as possible.

All cats have a strong sense of smell; therefore, they easily smell changes in your home. This can cause a problem when trying to introduce a new bed, scratching post, or food dish. Be prepared for your cat to be wary of the new item initially. Once your cat becomes accustomed to this smell, he or she will begin to like it.

TIP! Be cautious when leaving a kitten with children. This is especially true if your child is less than five years old.

Consider your cat if you are going to make a schedule change. One tried-and-true way to keep a cat from getting lonely is to pair it up with another cat.

It’s important to only feed your cat the amount of food that it should have to ensure a healthy life. They can develop diabetes or heart disease, just like humans. Carefully monitor your cat’s portions to make sure they eat a balanced diet.

Your cat isn’t immune to the family illnesses. You need to pay attention to your cat and make sure they are in good health. If you think something is wrong, visit the vet. That will ensure that it is a small infection, rather than a serious issue.

TIP! Cats enjoy being high up. Your cat will be truly happy if you provide a place for him to view his surroundings.

Autonomous, smart and happy; cats are terrific pets. If you are responsible, you should educate yourself about caring for your kitty properly. Take a careful look at the tips presented above so that you can expand your knowledge of quality cat care. Do this to ensure your cat has an enjoyable life.