There are so many joys you can get from just having a cat. However, as with any pet there is a lot of care involved when looking after a cat. The commitment involves many things that you should take into account. Read here about which responsibilities you will be taking on. Keep reading and learn a little something about caring for your cat.

Litter Box

TIP! Cats enjoy getting into spaces that are small. A collar can become a liability if your cat is especially adventurous.

Put your cats’ litter box where it is most acceptable to him. A cat’s litter box should be in a quiet spot in the house, away from where your cat eats. The area should also be well ventilated so that it doesn’t smell too badly. Both you and your cat will reap its benefits.

Be attentive to your cat and give them your love and company, often. They give us love, and we need to return it to them. Similar to people, cats like to socialize and feel as if they are important to their family. They should feel like a valued family member as well.

Male felines tend to have a build-up of crystals that present in the urine, so you need to avoid this with proper nutrition. If they have to pass the crystals it can cause the cat a lot of pain and paying a vet to help with this can cost you a lot of money. Let your cat have food that doesn’t have a lot of magnesium in it. Read the labels. Avoid fish products.

TIP! Spay your cat as soon as she is old enough. Even if she spends her time indoors, it is possible for her to escape while in heat, causing an unwanted pregnancy.

Be very careful about allowing children to be alone with a kitten. Children under 5 years of age should not be alone with the pet. A child of that age doesn’t realize when they are being too rough with a pet. When they mature, they can spend alone time with the kitty.

Rotate the variety of food you feed your cat. If you raise your kitten with the same food for their entire life, this can become the only type of food they will willingly eat.

You eat quality food, and if you want your cat to stick around a long time, they need quality food, too. Ensure that the food your cat eats is very high in protein. Avoid foods like corn or other items without protein. Cats are carnivores and must have a lot of animal protein for proper nutrition and better health.

TIP! You should take your cat to the vet on a regular basis to maintain optimum health. Cats should go to a vet at least once each year for a check up, and more frequently for required shots.

New cats are sometimes not welcomed in the home. They might hide from each other or hit each other. Eventually, they become used to each other and are comfortable together.

If your cat urinates frequently or outside his box, you may need to talk to your vet. Cats may show this behavior if they develop an infection of the urinary tract, or some other health issue. Affordable antibiotics can solve concerns that may otherwise be quite serious.

Are you overwhelmed by cat hair? Cats shed a ton, so they must be brushed frequently. The more your cat sheds, the more often you want to give them a good brushing. This will also help their coat from getting tangled or matted.

TIP! Make sure your cat has a collar and tag if outside. A lost cat is much easier to locate if they are properly tagged.

Give the cat a collar with your contact information. This is also true for indoor cats. It is possible that the animal might accidentally venture out of your home. Do everything possible to make sure your cat is returned safely to you in the event it gets out.

Your cat should stay inside most of the time, and when it’s outside, you should ensure it remains close to home. Studies have proven that cats who live most of their life indoors live longer than outdoor cats. Make sure your cat is trained as an indoor cat if you don’t want it to get diseases or other things that can happen when it’s outdoors.

Any difference in the environment of your home is easily detected by the keen sense of smell that your cat possesses. For example, your cat will instantly detect a new scratching post, bed, food dish, etc. Don’t fret if your cat doesn’t use the items right away. The object will begin to smell more like home, and the cat is more likely to feel comfortable.

TIP! Don’t allow your cat become bored. Play is important to the health and vitality of your cat.

As you can now see, cats can bring you much joy. If you want them to live a happier and longer life, however, you must care for them properly. Take heed of the advice you’ve just been given if you’re going to bring a kitty home.