Do you love cats and have one of your own? If you are, then you will know how precious that cat is. Cats need a lot of care and love. However, you are more than capable of meeting your cat’s needs. This article will discuss some great cat care ideas.

Keeping your cats away from the counters can be hard. Cats love being up high so that they can see. Provide your cat with a few high places it can uses. One way to keep your cats from continuously jumping on the counter is to install a cat tower near the problem counter.

TIP! Make frequent checkups with your vet to keep your cat healthy. Cats need vaccinations to keep them healthy, and your vet can keep an eye out for any other health issues.

Try to figure out the cause if you find your cat meowing excessively. The more time you spend with your cat, the better you’ll understand what its meows mean. She could be trying to tell you she’s hungry or needs to go outside. Be aware of the cues your cat gives you, and the two of you will have a better relationship.

Always watch a kitten around small kids. A child under five should not be left alone with a pet. You may not have noticed a problem when you see them together, but very kids do not really understand they can accidentally harm or kill a kitten. As your children get older, you can decide when to teach them about handling a pet.

Train your cat to tolerate a pet carrier. Cats are not as responsive to punishment as dogs are. Most of the time, it is better to use positive reinforcement. Inside the carrier, put a favorite toy and blanket. Leave it open in an area the cat will see. Your cat will want to inspect the carrier and probably enjoy hiding inside. Transporting your cat inside the carrier will then become much easier.

TIP! Prevent your cat from chewing on electrical cords by spraying bitter apple on them. If the cat likes to chew on cords, its best to cover them as best you can.

You cat will not be likely to be a finicky eater if you vary the type of food you are feeding from time to time. When you give the same thing day after day, it becomes boring.

When your cat starts urinating often or in odd places, it may be time to see the vet. They’re trying to tell you something is wrong. Antibiotics will often do the trick if it is an infection.

It’s important for your cat to get plenty of playtime. All animals of all ages need to play and a cat is no different. While older cats aren’t near as energetic, they still enjoy playing often. Take time to have fun with your cat.

Litter Box

If you notice that your cat isn’t using its’ litter box anymore, you need to take note. There are many health conditions that can cause your cat to use the restroom in places other than their own litter box. Kidney or bladder infections may be the reason. Call your veterinarian right away if your cat doesn’t use the litter box.

Relocating the litter box can often help curb a problem with cats that refuse to use it. Make sure to put it in a quiet spot in your house. A couple of good places to put your cat box are your basement and laundry room.

TIP! Being nocturnal is quite normal for cats. This refers to the fact that they are usually more active at night.

Overfeeding your cat can dramatically affect its future health. The result of overeating is obesity, which then leads to other health issues. Therefore, ensure you provide the proper food portions to your cat, and keep its diet healthy and well balanced.

Apply sticky tape to your furniture. If the cat tends to scratch your upholstery, some tape may stop the practice. Some companies make tape specifically for this purpose. Get your cat out of this bad habit by doing this and supplying a scratching post.

You love your cat, and you want to make sure you’re giving it the best care you can. Since you’ve read the advice above, you should have lots of ideas on how you can better care for your pet. Use these ideas to make sure your cat remains happy and healthy. If you show your furry friend love, it’ll show you the same.