There are several reasons for getting a dog. Maybe it was the cute puppy with his eyes. It should go without saying that obedient dog is the ideal dog. This article can help you some great ideas on how to accomplish this.

You need to adhere to a specific feeding habits for your dog. Your dog will soon become accustomed to his feeding schedule and eat their food in the time that you have alloted.

TIP! When you start dog training, develop a verbal cue so that the dog knows precisely when they complete a command correctly. The word “yes” can be the bridge between rewards and good behavior.

Make sure your dog is up and active. Dogs can easily become bored easily. A dog is very difficult to train.Your dog will be more quickly if he is exercised frequently. Go for long walks and runs with your dog on a regular basis.

Do not tie up your dogs closely together. If a big dog is tangled up with a little one, one can get wrapped up so badly it could close off the airway, and he could die.

The first step in training a puppy is teach him his name.Repeat his name regularly, and reward your puppy when he responds.These are the preliminary words that your puppy should learn. Spend plenty of quality time with them, so he will learn how to gain trust in you. This will make it easier to train him easier to train later.

Use the appropriate tone when speaking to your dog. Dogs are very good at understanding how their trainers. A firm but stern tone means that he is being disciplined.

A good puppy training tip involves maintaining an awareness of other dogs during walks with your own dog. You should not assume every dog is friendly; some dogs that seem aggressive. If you see a dog that seems to be unsociable or defensive, avoid that dog.

Don’t ever reward destructive or ignore bad behavior because you want to put a stop to it. This only makes the message that the dog more likely to do those bad things again.An example would be to give the dog treats every time it starts to bark.

TIP! Set small, easy goals when you start training your dog. Smaller, more easily learned behaviors are more likely to produce timely successes and a solid foundation for future training efforts.

Take your dog to the bathroom. Give him a little praise if he goes to the bathroom outside. Don’t scold a dog for having an indoor accident. He won’t know what he did wrong and yelling at him will not help him learn.

Is your dog eating a well-balanced diet? Your dog will have better and more energetic if you are feeding him a species-appropriate diet.Talk to your vet to make sure there aren’t any other issues.

Your dog must learn what ‘down’ means.This command for your dog to know in social settings.A dog that understands the “down” command can lower to the ground immediately in a risky situation, which makes it a necessary command for safety.

TIP! Be careful not to spend too much time at once training your dog. Spending too much time just on one aspect of training will bore your dog and waste your efforts.

So, now are you ready to get to work? With any luck you have learned at least a few new things to help you develop a suitable training program for your dog. Nothing is better than a well-trained dog. It’s easy to have one too. All of the time and work spent on training your dog will have paid off once you finally have the chance to give your pet a command and watch them obey. Use what you have learned here to create the appropriate training situation for your particular pet.