Are you upset at the way your dog acts? You dog might need a bit more time training your pet. Putting some extra time into training your dog will help you get a very obedient pet. Read on how to train your dog.

You need to adhere to a specific feeding practices with any dog. Your dog will eat quickly.

TIP! If you are crate training your dog, you need to show them that this is where they will sleep. You should put their food in the cage and leave the door open if it is time for them to eat.

The rule to remember when you begin to house training is to remember: what you feed them will pass. Feed your pooch several times regularly each day.Doing so helps you to gain a clearer picture of when your puppy might need to relieve himself outdoors.

When getting closer to a dog, be sure to approach slowly and offer the dog the back of your hand to sniff. This helps the dog a chance to become accustomed to your personal scent and shows him you mean no harm.

You need to teach your dog how to properly walk the right way using his leash. This will help keep both of you safe while taking walks.

TIP! If you have to give your dog a verbal correction, be sure that they are sharp, to the point, and short. It’s not good to rant about how bad your dog is.

Always call your dog’s attention the same way. Start commands by calling the dog’s name. Get their attention by using its name and then follow up with whatever you want them to do. Dogs that are properly trained will hear there name and pay attention.

Try to keep accidents at a minimum when toilet training your dog without there being any accidents. Learn to know the things your dog does when he needs to go. Do not hesitate if you see your dog do that.Grab his leash and bring him to a place where he uses the bathroom. Reward the dog for getting your attention when he needs to go out.

When you allow yourself enough time to engage and train your dog, you can be sure that you will eventually be able to enjoy his company more fully in the future. While it may sometimes seem that your training will never accomplish its goals, just hang in there and be consistent.Perseverance will achieve the results you desire. By remembering these things, you will be more successful in your endeavors.