Having a dog is a great addition to the family. There is a reason that dogs are the most popular pet! They are active, affectionate, and very loving. They can also be used as watchdogs. You need to be the right companion back to your dog and care for him or her properly. Here is how you can do that.

Be sure your house is dog-proofed. You need to look for hazards around your home that your dog might run into. Store things like meds and cleaning products in a safe location, and be sure to keep any indoor trash cans behind a cabinet. Some houseplants are toxic and need to be kept out of your dog’s reach.

TIP! Having a dog at your home is a big financial commitment. When you add up the medical care, food and supplies in general, your costs could run from $700-$1000 annually.

Always, have your dog spayed or neutered. Statistically speaking, dogs who are “fixed” live longer lives and are less prone to cancer. In addition, dogs that are spayed or neutered do not have as strong of a desire to wander from their home, meaning that they are less likely to get lost or hit by a car.

Your dog can not tell you what is wrong, so just listen to his body language. Hesitant dogs need to be taken out of fearful situations. One of the animals could become aggressive. Always be on the look out for non-verbal hints. If you see them, allow your dog to guide you in the next action you will take.

Know about what could go wrong with flea treatments if you have a dog. Some medicines can put your children in harms way. Find out about healthy treatments that can keep you and your pet safe.

TIP! It is important to puppy-proof your home. Before bringing your dog home for the first time, make sure that the entire area is completely safe.

Ask your vet the amount of food your dog needs daily. While there are those that feed their dog whatever it says on the package, this may not be good for your dog and can make it overweight. Ask your vet what the right meal plan is for your dog.

Grooming your dog every day will ensure it doesn’t shed all over the place. Regular brushing encourages a healthy, shining coat. When you brush your dog, the oils on their skins are spread, creating skin that is soft, shiny, and healthy.

Properly Walk

TIP! Your dog needs to have an annual checkup, the same as you do. Since your dog cannot talk to you, it may be hard to determine when arthritis is setting in or a tooth begins hurting.

Train your dog how to properly walk when on a leash. Your dog should know how to heel and not behind you or ahead of you. Having a dog that can properly walk on a leash will be more enjoyable for both you and your pup. When you dog understands the command to heel, you can relax occasionally and walk with a loose leash without having your arm pulled off.

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, or you simply want to be extra nice to him, leave some music on when you go to work. The noise will keep him company and make him feel a little more secure. That might work to appease his anxiety during the time you aren’t home.

When it comes to your dog, you need to be aware of the laws in your area. Look for changes in the local laws that govern pet ownership in your area. It’s often only motivated by the actions of a specific breed or a few bad apples. You should speak out as a good dog owner, and talk with officials in your area.

TIP! Beware of flea treatments for your dog. Many have ingredients that are dangerous to kids.

Keep in mind that more is not always better when it comes to the number of folks training a dog. Training methods vary by person, and multiple trainers can confuse the dog. You need to put just one person on the task of teaching the dog.

Conduct tick and flea inspection on your dog during the warm seasons of the year. Try to get rid of any fleas by using what is called a flea comb. There are also other products you may want to consider using to get rid of fleas and ticks. Talk to your vet if you are not sure which products should be used.

You must be a good companion to your dog just like they are to you. If you use what you have learned here in this article, you’ll be sure that you’re taking great care of your pet. By doing so, you will give both yourself and your dog a happy and satisfying experience of life.