0:13 – Nothing says you’re in Australia than witnessing a gigantic crocodile in the outback. This reptile could easily chop someone to pieces

1:10 – A group of people on a fishing charter off a coast in New Zealand were shocked when a large Mako shark jumped out of the water and landed on the front of the boat. According to a report, the unharmed shark managed to wiggle free and that the passengers were counting their blessings that it didn’t land on the back of the boat

2:13 – Hiding in the bushes of this forest trail is an aggressive Eurasian moose. The person recording it was given 3 warnings to back away and not disturb it, but after the 3rd warning the moose lost its patience and charged after him. Watch until the end

2:56 – Elephants are majestic creatures and incredibly beautiful but at a very close proximity, they can be a big danger to come across especially if they feel threatened. A bull elephant in Zimbabwe stands in close range of safari tourists with the urge to charge after them. Let’s see if it actually does

4:01 – Whichever company hired this safari guide in Costa Rica really better be
paying him well. As the tour enters a swamp, the guide gets out of the boat and lures in a fully grown crocodile for the tourists to have a better look at it. Despite being ferocious and intimidating the guide maintains a calm demeanor as he brings the crocodile up close. He was even able to have the tourists feel the scales on its tail

5:25 – We all hate being stuck in traffic but what’s worse than being in a jam is having a sneaky blackbear close by your vehicle. The passengers of the car contemplate whether or not they should roll up the windows …and by the end of the clip they knew what had to be done

6:45 – While on a dive trip in West Palm Beach Florida , an 8 foot long lemon shark snuck up over the shoulder of a diver and scared the living crap out of him. He didn’t expect it and started to panic which made the shark come even closer

7:35 – If you think hiding in a tree would prevent a black bear encounter, think again. The black bear seen in this video climbed all the way up to where this stealthy hunter was hiding and got close enough to stick its nose inside the hunter’s bag. After making eye contact, the bear took off down the tree. The hunter was grateful for both the incredible encounter and footage and advises everyone to respect these beautiful creatures if ever they too to ran into them in the wild

8:33 – Lions are portrayed as vicious and terrifying on tv so you can bet that encountering the real deal in the flesh would be far from a pleasant experience. In this clip, a group of tourists were taunted by a lioness in a Zimbabwe safari

9:21 – This video shows boar hunters and their hunting dogs all gather to try and bring down a fully grown boar. The animal was so vicious that the hunters had to retreat in the trees for safety

10:03 – In this short but incredible clip a sea snake is shown attacking a spear fisher in the waters of Niue. The snakes are highly venomous and have roughly 20 times more lethal venom than most venomous land snakes. Being bitten by one is sure death

11:32 – Apparently this guy woke up to find a curious fox in the bedroom window watching him sleep. Despite the situation, they were able to calmly find a way to get the fox to escape safely out the bathroom window

12:57 – Choosing to live in the countryside means that you’ll have to deal with extra neighbors. 4 legged neighbors to be exact. In this case, the residents open their doors to find a big moose standing on their porch. It must’ve wanted to give a warm neighborly greeting

14:20 – Poor baby badgers were snuggled up in a nice toasty hay stack to keep warm until their shelter was taken away by a tractor. Now they have to make their beds all over again

15:35 – A baby plover fell through the drain and was separated from its mother. An onlooker noticed what was going on and quickly got to work in rescuing it and giving the plover family a much needed reunion. Don’t go anywhere you don’t want to miss this

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